Our work is all about people.

Corny, for sure, but true:

Our audience and subject matter are human and lend themselves to time-tested principles of human storytelling.

(When the bots take over we will have to see what makes them tick)

Every film we make for a client is an opportunity to communicate something important to (important) people.

We help our clients take advantage of this opportunity by focusing on those important people – our audience:

What should they experience to change how they feel, think or act?

Is it that they don’t know or don’t care?

To get this right means much more than following some brief; It means making informed choices, together with our clients.

Good to know about us

We love finding and sharing the emotive as well as the narrative in data.

We always consider film within the wider mix; how it will be experienced and what actions or tactics should it promote.

Everybody’s a strategist nowadays (or a guru / leader / rainmaker…) but seriously:

We have unique, tested models to devise filmed content strategy, helping clients transition into the era of the inadvertent client broadcaster.

We have particular expertise and methodologies in healthcare content, including ethical practices, regulatory considerations and approval preparedness.

Do get in touch if you want to watch and learn more.

We love good food and share the love with our clients.

About Daniel

Day For Night Films is Daniel Mitelpunkt’s studio.

He is an award winning filmmaker and a filmed content consultant and you can get in touch with him here  

News & Views

Another Way screening at Mental Health Summit

Our film Another Way: Young People Talk Mental Health is screening at a young people’s mental health summit at Imperial College on April 26th 2018. The event, in collaboration with Mind and Samaritans, should be elucidating and Daniel is very much looking forward to attending the various talks.

Takes from Ghana mHealth for Mental Health visit

Recently I have returned from a fascinating visit to Ghana with Academic Dror Ben Zeev PhD. We had collaborated back when when the DFNF team and I consulted on video content and then created numerous assets for his groundbreaking FOCUS app. The question this time around was whether mHealth interventions could be applied in low […]

‘Survivors’: notes from hell

Today sees the launch of ‘Survivors‘, our mixed media short film based on conversations with survivors of domestic abuse, charting their struggles not only to escape from perpetrators but then to rebuild their lives with a system that is failing them. The film was made for HomeTruths, a tireless Wiltshire based domestic abuse organization supporting […]

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