Our Girl

awarenss raising film

an Animage production
we have produced the live-action part for them
The longer, live-action only version is titled ‘True Storoes’

Created in parternship with the UK Government’s Forced Marriage Unit and AVA – Agianst Violence and Abuse

written, directed & produced by Ruth Beni
live action producer: Daniel Mitelpunkt
animator: Erica Russell
cinematographer: Bart Sienkiewicz
editor: Haim Litani
music: Jamie Payne & Elian Gray
animation compositing: Lorenzon Cenci Di Bello

actors: Kiran Sonia Sawar, Umit Caglayan, Gurkiran Kaur, Roseanna Franscona, Selma Hoque, Ada Burke, Leila Issac