This film is not appropriate for children

Launched on International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

We made ‘Survivors’ for HomeTruths, an amazing Wiltshire based organization supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Hours of conversations with brave, eloquent survivors were condensed to a short script that for safeguarding reasons was then performed in our studio by a cast of brilliant (and brilliantly generous) actors:

Daisy Beaumont, Jo Butler, Fiona Sheehan and Natasha Cottriall.

The actresses all donated their performance in support of HomeTruth and the film really could not have been made without them.

The survivor contributors were immensely brave and generous in sharing with us their horrific experiences; their strength and commitment to help others is an inspiration.


Captured and Directed by Daniel Mitelpunkt
Edited and Animated by Simon Modery